Local Businesses Directory in Quezon City

Quezon City, a bustling metropolis in Metro Manila, is a hub of economic activity with a vibrant array of local businesses that cater to the diverse needs and interests of its residents. From cozy cafes to specialty boutiques, and from professional services to innovative startups, Quezon City offers a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial ventures. Navigating this bustling commercial landscape is made easier with the help of this local businesses directory. Here’s a curated list of businesses in various categories to help residents and visitors discover the best that Quezon City has to offer:

Restaurants and Cafes

1. Cafe Mary Grace

  • Location: Ayala Malls Vertis North
  • Description: A charming cafe known for its delectable pastries, sandwiches, and comforting Filipino dishes.

2. Gerry’s Grill

  • Location: Tomas Morato Avenue
  • Description: A popular Filipino restaurant offering a wide range of grilled dishes and classic local favorites.

3. Project Pie

  • Location: Eastwood Mall
  • Description: A unique pizza joint where customers can create their own customized pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Retail and Boutiques

1. Common Room PH

  • Location: Katipunan Avenue
  • Description: A haven for local artists and crafters, offering handmade and locally-produced products.

2. Heima Home and Lifestyle

  • Location: Brixton Street, Kapitolyo
  • Description: A boutique known for its eclectic and stylish home furnishings and decor.

3. Sole Slam

  • Location: Bonifacio High Street
  • Description: A sneaker boutique offering a curated selection of rare and limited-edition footwear.

Health and Wellness

1. The Aivee Clinic

  • Location: Bonifacio High Street Central
  • Description: A renowned dermatology and aesthetic center offering a range of skincare and beauty treatments.

2. Fitness First

  • Location: Eastwood City
  • Description: A well-equipped gym with a range of fitness classes and personal training options.

3. Mercury Drug

  • Location: Various branches
  • Description: A trusted pharmacy chain offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.

Services and Professionals

1. Law Office of Atty. Anne Corpuz

  • Location: Tomas Morato Avenue
  • Description: A reputable law firm specializing in various legal services including family law, immigration, and real estate.

2. Quirino Memorial Medical Center

  • Location: Project 4
  • Description: A government hospital providing comprehensive healthcare services to the community.

3. UnionBank

  • Location: Various branches
  • Description: A reputable bank offering a wide range of financial services including banking, investments, and loans.

Technology and Innovation

1. Geeky Nights

  • Location: Online
  • Description: A popular podcast and YouTube channel focusing on technology, gaming, and pop culture.

2. Altum Technologies Inc.

  • Location: 26F ORE Central, 31st Street
  • Description: A technology company specializing in industrial process optimization through the use of innovative equipment.

3. Launch Garage

  • Location: Eastwood City
  • Description: A co-working space and incubator for tech startups providing mentorship and resources for budding entrepreneurs.

This local businesses directory provides a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic entrepreneurial landscape of Quezon City. Whether you’re a resident looking for everyday services or a visitor eager to explore the local scene, this list offers a starting point for discovering the best that Quezon City has to offer in terms of businesses and services.