Car Rentals and Services in Quezon City

Quezon City, a bustling metropolis at the heart of Metro Manila, offers a range of car rental services to cater to the diverse transportation needs of its residents and visitors. Whether for leisurely road trips, business travel, or special occasions, car rentals provide a convenient and flexible means of getting around the city and beyond. Here’s a guide to car rentals and services in Quezon City:

1. Avis Rent a Car

Description: Avis is a globally recognized car rental company with a presence in Quezon City. They offer a wide selection of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs, suitable for various purposes, including business trips, family outings, and special events.

Location: 260 EDSA, Barangay Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City (Although in Mandaluyong, it serves Quezon City residents)

Website: Avis Rent a Car Philippines

2. Hertz Rent A Car

Description: Hertz is another well-known international car rental company with a branch in Quezon City. They provide a diverse fleet of vehicles for rent, along with options for long-term rentals, making it a practical choice for extended stays in the city.

Location: 301 EDSA cor. Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City (Although in San Juan, it serves Quezon City residents)

Website: Hertz Philippines

3. Europcar Philippines

Description: Europcar offers a range of vehicles for rent, including sedans, SUVs, and vans, suitable for different travel needs. They also provide chauffeur-driven services for those who prefer to sit back and relax during their journey.

Location: G/F San Antonio Village, 90 Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Quezon City

Website: Europcar Philippines

4. Oryx Rent A Car

Description: Oryx Rent A Car is a local car rental company that provides an array of vehicles for rent, from economy cars to vans. They offer both short-term and long-term rental options to accommodate various travel plans.

Location: 1014 Recto Avenue, Quezon City

Website: Oryx Rent A Car

5. City Car Rent A Car

Description: City Car Rent A Car is a Quezon City-based car rental service that offers a selection of vehicles at competitive rates. They provide options for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, making it convenient for both short-term and extended use.

Location: 265 EDSA, Barangay Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City (Although in Mandaluyong, it serves Quezon City residents)

Website: City Car Rent A Car

6. Rent-A-Van Manila

Description: For larger groups or special occasions, Rent-A-Van Manila offers van rental services suitable for group travel, events, and outings. They provide options for chauffeur-driven vans as well.

Location: 1321 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City

Website: Rent-A-Van Manila

7. Uber and Grab

Description: Ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab provide an alternative to traditional car rentals. Through their mobile apps, users can book rides from a pool of registered private vehicle owners, offering a convenient and flexible mode of transportation.

Website: Uber, Grab

When renting a car in Quezon City, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of vehicle, rental rates, and additional services like insurance coverage. Additionally, always ensure that you have the necessary documents, such as a valid driver’s license and identification. With these car rental options, navigating Quezon City and its surrounding areas becomes a seamless and convenient experience. Safe travels!